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Automotive and Auto Ancillaries

Automotive and Auto Ancillaries

Mr. Sushant NaikChairman, IACC Automotive and Auto Ancillaries ForumBackground Note:The Indian auto industry became the 4th largest in the world with sales increasing 9.5 per cent year-on-year to 4.02 million units (excluding two wheelers) in 2017. It was...

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Mr. Suresh KotakChairman, IACC Textile ForumBackground Note:India is one of the world's largest producers of textiles and garments. Abundant availability of  raw  materials  such  as  cotton,  wool,  silk  and  jute  as  well  as  skilled  workforce  have  made  the ...

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Other Forum
Forum Name Chairman Name
Audit &  Finance Supervisory Mr. Partha Ghosh, Chairman
Defence & Aerospace Mr. N. Ramachandran, Chairman
Mr. Yash Kansal, Vice-Chairman
IT, ITES Mr. Purnachandra Rao, Chairman
Insurance, Banking & Financial Services Ms. Rajyalakshmi Rao, Chairman
Forum of Past National Presidents Mr. N V Srinivasan, Chairman
Education & Skill Development Dr. Sankaran Raghunathan, Chairman
DR. C. Manohar, Vice-Chairman
Real Estate & Infrastructure Mr. Ashish Wig, Chairman
Logistics & Transportation Mr. Tarun Khushalani, Chairman
Textile & Clothing Mr. Suresh Kotak, Chairman
Dr. Sakthivel, Vice-Chairman
Agriculture & Food Processing & food Security
IACC Projects under CSR
Auto & Auto Ancillaries
Climate Change & Environment
Stock & Commodity Market
Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics & Medical Devices
Gems & Jewellery
Homeland Security
Media & Entertainment
Membership Development
Nuclear, Renewable & Alternate Energy
Trade Investment & WTO
Legal Affair & Regulatory Reforms


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