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Message from Regional President

Dear Members,

It is a great honour for me to be elected as the Regional President of South India Council.

During the last decade the relations between India and USA are strengthening year by year and IACC as a bilateral body helping the industry and business in making things happen. IACC continuously work towards strengthen the existing Indo- US cooperation in diverse sectors and has been in the forefront in providing opportunities for SME, Business, and professionals. The Southern Regional Council (SIC) of IACC actively support bilateral trade, networking and creating new business contacts for its members by working closely with U S Commercial Services, State Governments and local bodies.

We shall continue our efforts to reach the industry and various sectors with our proactive initiatives to boost the presence of IACC to increase the membership base and invite them to join their hand with us. IACC branches in South are focusing on sector specific deliberations to create more awareness and increase the trade activities in this part of the region.

The events and programs we plan in the current year should bring more recognition to IACC. This can happen only with all your support and we should work together to make this happen.

I wish one all a very Happy New Year 2017.


Members of South India Council, Chennai
Regional President Mr. RBVVN. Raju
Managing Director
Elico Marketing Pvt. Limited
[email protected]
First Regional Vice President Mr. Sandeep Mehra
Director & Country Head
Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited
[email protected]
Second Regional Vice President Mr. A. Sekhar
Spike Power Protection Systems & Technologies
[email protected]
Council members Mr. H.E. Abdul Azeez
A.I. Enterprises
[email protected]
Mr. Shamil Bicha
Vice President
Avalon Technologies Private Limited
[email protected]
Mr. Kannatt Surendran
Chairman & MD
Bounty Property Management Pvt. Ltd
[email protected]
Mr. S. Ramaprasad
Executive Director
CADD Centre India Private Ltd
[email protected]
Mr. M. Ramakrishna
Managing Director
ZCS Consulting Limited
[email protected]
Mr. K. Vaitheeswaran
Chief Executive
K. Vaitheeswaran & Co
[email protected]
Mr. Chander K Baljee
Chairman & Managing Director
Royal Orchid Hotels Limited
[email protected]
Ms. Suja Isaac
Executive Director
Soukya International Holistic Health Center
[email protected]
Mr. F.R. Singhvi
Joint Managing Director
Sansera Engineering Pvt Ltd
[email protected]
Co-opted Members Mr. M.N. Padmanabhan
Managing Director
Veeramaasthi Tex Fabs (P) Limited
[email protected]
Mr. Rakesh Prabhu
ALMT Legal
[email protected]
Immediate Past Regional President Mr. N.V. Srinivasan
Managing Partner
NVS & Associates
[email protected]
Secretariat Ms. Sujatha Ravishanker
Regional Director
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
[email protected]

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