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  • Maharashtra’s per capita income – 60% higher than the National Average.
  • Contributes 22% of India’s net value-added output in the organized industrial sector-way ahead of any other state.
  • Navapur is a railway station that is half in Maharashtra and half in Gujarat (the boundary between the states is marked next to the tracks within the station).
  • The official language of Maharashtra, Marathi, has four alternative names – MAHARASHTRA, MAHARATHI, MALHATEE, MARTHI, MURUTHU and has 42 dialects.


  • Is situated on an island – Salcette Island.
  • Mumbai’s suburban rail systems carry a total of 2.2 billion passengers every year. Incidentally, the world’s population is 6 billion.
  • Mumbai single handedly handles about 25% of the domestic and 38% of the international air passenger traffic in the country.
  • Mumbai’s per capita income is Rs 48,954. This is almost three times the national average!
  • At the end of financial year 2002-03, Mumbai paid Rs 28,000 crore in taxes, 35% of India’s collection of Rs 82,000 crore!
  • The famous architect George Wittet designed several landmark buildings in Mumbai, including the Prince of Wales Museum and the Gateway of India.
  • The Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill was built over three reservoirs, which can store up to 300 lakhs gallons of water.
  • Mumbai originally was a cluster of seven separate islands, and the southernmost island was called Old Woman’s Island.
  • It took 60 years to merge the seven islands of Bombay into one landmass between 1784 and 1845.
  • The name Bombay was derived from Bom Bahia (The Good Bay), a name given by Portuguese sailor Francis Almeida, in 1508.
  • Former English cricket captain Douglas Jardine of Bodyline fame was born in Malabar Hill, Mumbai, in 1900.
  • Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling who wrote Kim and The Jungle Book was born in Mumbai.
  • The wooden pole in the centre of the Banganga Tank in Mumbai signifies the centre of the earth. Legend has it that Lord Ram created the tank by piercing the earth with his arrow.
  • The Lumiere brothers introduced Motion Pictures to India with six soundless short films at Bombay’s Watson’s Hotel in 1896.
  • Mahatma Gandhi began his political career in Mumbai in 1915 after returning from South Africa.
  • In 1995, Nariman Point had the highest land price in the world.
  • Mumbai has 3 lakes – Tulsi, Powai, Vihar, 3 rivers – Mithi (Mahim), Dahisar, Oshiwara and 4 forts – Sewree, Bandra, Mahim & Worli.
  • Tallest building in India, The Shreepati Arcade (45 floors) is in Mumbai.


  • Pune has been known by a plethora of sobriquets. Popular among them: Queen of the Deccan, cultural capital of Maharashtra, pensioner’s paradise and Oxford of the East
  • The city hails back to the mythical age of the Ramayana and is mentioned as a township called Punakha, which was located in the dense Dandaka forest.

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