IACC being a non-governmental organization, provides an open platform for exchange of ideas and suggestions to promote bilateral trade between India and the USA. Member companies

span across the entire spectrum of IT, BPO, Healthcare, Defence, Manufacturing, Textiles, Education, Jewelry, Engineering, Construction, Consumer goods, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Consulting, Travel and tourism, etc., there is a good representation from across industries and that enhances the uniqueness of IACC’s value proposition.

Members interested in exporting to or importing from the US participate in wide ranging events from obtaining business visas, setting up of US companies, tax regulations, address by US Consulate Officers and US Commercial Service staff, trade delegations to the US that include conference participations, pre-scheduled meetings with different companies, Indian consulate, and US govt. officials, etc. In this manner, IACC provides the right platform and guidance for a member company to reach US markets and also be able to market US goods and services in India.