Checklist of Document

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  • Membership Application Form completed in all respects, duly signed and stamped.
  • Brief company profile on the company letterhead/printed corporate brochure.
  • An attested copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association (including the copy of certificate of Incorporation) or By Laws.
  • An attested copy of Balance Sheet of the last two financial year.
  • Start-up companies not having Balance Sheet may attach a copy of their Project Business Report / Business Plan.
  • Certificate of Turnover: Certificate signed by the Company Auditor or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of applicant or equivalent, stating their gross turnover in the last financial year (Start-ups may give projecti for the current financial year).
  • Profile and details of Directors / CEO / Promoters, in terms of educational and professional background. In c of 100%owned subsidiaries, a profile of the parent company needs to be attached.
  • In case the company has applied for listing at STPI/ SEZ, a copy of the STPI/ SEZ approval needs to be attached.
  • Letter of reference from two existing IACC member companies.
  • Necessary remittances, which includes:
    • one-time admission fees
    • annual membership subscription

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