About Karnataka

About Karnataka

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Welcome to Karnataka – welcome to the future.

Karnataka – India’s eighth-largest State, both in terms of area and population – is well and truly one of the nation’s most progressive industrialized State, with an illustrious history of successfully implementing several industrial and technological initiatives.

Today, the State is driving domestic growth, crafting careers and creating wealth through a potent mix of resource based, skill based, technology and knowledge based products and services. Karnataka has an enduring tradition of tapping technology to trace a steady growth curve across diverse sectors of the economy – earning the enviable tag of being the most technology savvy State.

A congenial industrial ambience, salubrious climate, excellent labour relations and more importantly, skilled manpower has been instrumental in attracting investments to Karnataka. The State has been quick in responding to the growing infrastructure needs and is continuously upgrading investments in infrastructure with several mega projects underway and many in the pipeline.

Integral to the Karnataka scenario is the investor friendly policy framework and carefully devised support mechanisms to promote investments. Investors can rest assured that they get the best of services, facilities and assistance from the very beginning to the implementation of their projects – thanks to structured and simplified procedures.

Economic resurgence, buoyant markets and burgeoning demand translate to a scenario brimming with immense possibilities for growth and wealth creation. Now is the time – to ride the crest of a wave full of advantages.

Karnataka – opportunity beckons like never before 

State Capital Bangalore
Area (sq. km.) 191,791
Population 2001 52,850,562
Population density (per sq.km.) 276
Per capita income 2008-09 (Rs.) 833 USD
Number of districts/Towns/Villages 30/270/27028
Percentage of urban population (%) 35%
Prominent cities Bangalore, Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum, Shimoga, Mangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga, Bellary

Many Firsts to Karnataka’s Credit

  • Information Technology and IT Enabled Services
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Gold production
  • Silk production
  • Coffee production
  • First State to bring industrial policy and State Facilitation Act.
  • First State to have a comprehensive IT and BT Policy.
  • First State to have a comprehensive Infrastructure Policy.
  • Leads in the number of R & D Centres in the Country