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Andhra Pradesh a Snapshot

Andhra Pradesh – a snapshot

  • Covering an area of 2,75,068 sq km, Andhra Pradesh (AP) is the fourth-largest state in India by area.
  • It has the second-longest coastline—970 kms—in the country.
  • The state is divided into 23 districts.
  • It has two major rivers, Godavari and Krishna
  • There are seven agro-climatic conditions and a variety of soils to support the cultivation of wide array of crops
  • Hyderabad is the state capital and Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Warangal are the other key cities in the state.

Demographic profile: Population

  • It is the fifth most-populous state in India with a population of 76.2 million, constituting 7.43 per cent of the country‘s population.
  • According to Census 2001, 27.3 per cent of the total population of the state was urban, compared to 26.89 per cent in 1999.
  • Population density stands at 277 persons per sq km as against 313 persons per sq km in the country
  • The state‘s sex ratio is 978 females per 1,000 males as against 933 females per 1,000 males across India

Source: Socio Economic Survey, Andhra Pradesh, 2007; Registrar General of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi** Age not stated; City Development Plan, Andhra Pradesh

Economic profile: Gross State Domestic Product, 2001-08 (base year 1999-2000)

  • The gross state domestic product (GSDP) for 2007-08, at constant prices was US$ 42 billion
  • During 2007-08, the GSDP at constant price grew close to 11 per cent (in INR terms).
  • During 2003-08, the growth in GSDP at constant price averaged eight per cent (in INR terms).
  • The state is looking at an annual economic growth rate of 9 per cent during the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)
  • The per capita net state domestic product (NSDP) for 2007-08 at current price was US$ 700
  • During 2007-08, the per capita NSDP at current price grew close to 15 per cent (in INR terms)
  • Between 2003 and 2008, the growth in the per capita NSDP at current price averaged 11 per cent (in INR terms)
  • For the year 2007-08, growth rates registered in NSDP are (in INR terms at current price):
  • 21 per cent in agriculture and allied activities
  • 12 per cent in industry
  • 15 per cent in services sector
  • In 2007-08, the per capita income of the state at current price was US$ 890.5 as compared to US$ 826.5 for the country

Source: "Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy 2008-09, 15 September 2009", Reserve Bank of India website, www.rbi.org.in, accessed 22 September 2009


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