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Our goal is to make this website one of the ‘Best Collections of Shared Knowledge’ on Indo-US Business and Trade.

After actively seeking feedback from our members, non-members, professionals, thought leaders and other stakeholders to make our services offerings better, we at IACC are constantly embarking on collating and disseminating latest market information, trends and analysis.

As part of our efforts to improve your experience, we are currently updating this section on our website.

We look forward to serving your needs soon.

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Message from Regional President
Committee Members
Chairman Mr. Dibyalok Patnaik
Ace  Minerals Co. Pvt. Ltd
[email protected]
Past Chairman Mr. Rajib Sekhar Sahoo
SRB Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
[email protected]
Members Mr. Sandeep Mahapatra
Anand Industrial Gases Ltd
[email protected]
Mr. Sanjay Pattnaik
Chief Residential Executive
The Tata Iron & Steel Co Ltd
[email protected]
Mr.  Devesh KU Sinha
ESS (P) Ltd
[email protected]
Mr. Abhijit Sen
Chief Executive Officer
Infosys Technologies Ltd
[email protected]
Mr Arun Pattnaik
Aabsys Information Technology (P) Ltd
[email protected]
Mr. R .N. Pattnaik
AES (India) Pvt Ltd
[email protected]
Mr. Dharmaditya Patnaik
Managing Director
ACE Commercial Co Pvt. Ltd
[email protected]
Secretariat Mr. Chandan Patnaik
Assistant  Secretary
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
[email protected]

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