IACC India June 3rd, 2019

While India remains a complex regulatory environment with high focus on compliance for organisations of all types and sizes, there are some requirements that apply additionally for foreign entrants into this ever-growing market. Foreign companies and institutions have to consider specific tax, regulatory and labour implications that apply to their subsidiaries or offices in India, and be aware of key changes that can materially alter your plans or operations.

IACC with other partners present this high-level overview of tax and regulatory nuances which typically apply in managing your local operations. These include, but are not limited to, tax aspects such as permanent establishment exposures, transfer pricing requirements, tax treaty provisions; regulatory requirements under foreign exchange, banking and corporate laws; as well as labour implications for hiring, deputation and management of local staff.

Based on our experience with clients from various jurisdictions and sectors, our joint agenda shall be to highlight the pain points that stakeholders highlight, and key solutions emerging from judicial precedents, provisions and practices. We shall also highlight recent emerging trends in this space which impact our clients’ implementation plans.

If your organisation has a foreign subsidiary or office in India and you are a key stakeholder in analysing the financial, tax, regulatory, labour and HR implications for your local and international business expansion into India, join us for this specific discussion.

  • Event Partners

    Sannam S4 and J. Sagar & Associates