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Seminar on Rain Water harvesting for Sustainable Industrial World in Pune

July 08, 2015

Navmal Firodia Conference Hall, MCCIA,Pune,India
In association with
has organized a Special Session on Rain Water Harvesting 
for Sustainable Industrial world in Pune.
The Chamber has organized a Special Session on the technology, methodology, operational modalities, case studies of implementation and benefits of Rain Water Harvesting with an objective to promote sustainable management practices in rain water harvesting and achieve Water Positive Status. Experts from Furaat will be addressing the participants on this occasion. The Interactive session will also include information about the Technology, Methodology, successful case studies and opportunities for supplying components / systems to Rain Water Harvesting sector.  
Water scarcity has been prime concern at present as water is the main source of livelihood.  As we all know 97 % of water on the Earth is salt water and only 3 % is fresh water. Over past 100 years, the consumption of fresh water has increased by more than 500 % resulting in fresh water scarcity. It is estimated that by 2025 two third of population will live in water stressed areas.    
Seven billion people on the earth today are dependent on ground water for irrigation, industrial, environmental and domestic applications.     
Water is the most essential element for sustainance of life. Rain is a natural source of fresh water; hence we must utilize it to the optimum by harvesting water for the future. Increased urbanization has led to dependency on ground water, resulting in its depletion. Rain water harvesting is a simple solution to get the purest form of water for every need.
Rain Water Harvesting is simple, cost effective and can resolve our water crisis to great extent.   
Through this session participants can learn about: 
  • Scientific, efficient and economical ways of rain water harvesting
  • Simple, fast and decentralized methods to harvest maximum rainwater at minimum cost
  • Sustainable management practices in rain water harvesting
  • How to make your premise - A water positive premise
  • Advancement in aquifer recharge.
The Event is sponsored by Furaat. 
About the Sponsor
Furaat is a design led company in rain water conservation. The Company helps individuals and institutions in conserving rain water. It also facilitates companies to take rainwater conservation initiatives under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). After lot of research, field trials and customer interactions; Furaat has designed scientific, compact, efficient, modular and easy to maintain rain water harvesting system. Furaat solutions are in form of pre cast modular step well that can adapt it to various site conditions and are highly reliable & efficient.  This patent forwarded modular stepwell can be used later for various water requirements.  It can be easily retrofitted on existing sites. With more than 10,000 installations, Furaat has become a synonymous with Rain Water Harvesting in India.
There are no charges for participation. However prior confirmation is desired.
Please confirm your participation to : 
Mr. Sudhanwa Kopardekar, email : sudhanwak@mcciapune.com, tel : 020-25709211
Ms. Madhura Chipade, email : madhurac@mcciapune.com, tel : 020-25709213
Ms. Roma Abhyankar, email: pune@iaccindia.com, tel: 020-25637263

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