Page 7 - IACC Newsletter October November 2013 Issue 13

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Speaker Ms. Deepa Aggarwal addressing the gathering
Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice-Chairman, Cognizant Technology Solutions sharing his success story with members
A section of the delegates at the event
Mr. Larry Clinton answering a query from the audience. Also seen (L-R) Ms. Shanna Surendra, Cultural
Affairs Officer, U.S. Consul General in Chennai and Mr. C. Suresh Reddy, Chairman, IACC
November 23, 2013: Colloquium on Forex Risk Management, Chennai:
November 22, 2013: Roundtable discussion with Mr. Harry Clinton, President & CEO,
Internet Security Alliance, USA on Cyber Security, Chennai
December 10, 2013: Breakfast Mee ng-Listen to the Leader, Chennai: