Page 14 - IACC Newsletter October November 2013 Issue 13

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Trade Enquiries from Indian companies
2) An Indian Company license the dry lubrication
process and seeking interested channel partners at
potential industrial pockets in India to operate our
licensed centers.
Common end user industries include: Aerospace,
Medical, Plastic Molding, Oil and Gas, Industrial
Machinery, Automotive/Racing and Vacuum
Common applications include bearings, valves,
shafts, fittings, connectors and fasteners, linear,
sliding and rotating components, and latching and
Indian company looking for channel partnering with US
based business concerns
1) An Indian based Manufacturer in the field of
Electronic Manufacturing Services (Electronic PCB
Assemblies), Solenoid Coil Assemblies, Wiring
Harness Assemblies is looking for channel partnering
with US based business concerns, in order to rapidly
expand its global footprint –
Trade Enquires fromOEMs based at U.S.
Joint VenturewithU.S., Companies, to
work in India
Agents inU.S., toworkwith us on
Commission basis
Technology Partners from U.S., who can support us
with Technical Know How - to Develop and Sell
Products in India and for Exports
IACC in News:
For any additional information on the above enquiries, please
contact IACC Secretariat by email:-