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As the United States and India readily exchange ideas
and information and as the bilateral relationship
deepens, more companies may wish to send
employees to the United States for training. The
possibilities for collaboration between India and the
United States are vast and continually expanding, and
the U.S. Mission to India works to facilitate legitimate
travel to help strengthen this cooperation. The
exchange of ideas between our countries—whether
between pol itical leaders, CEOs, employees,
students, or tourists—leads to innovation, economic
growth, and job creation in both our countries.
To help facilitate this travel, the U.S. Department of State
offers not only 10-year multiple-entry visas for Indian
business travelers or tourists, but a variety of other visa
The J-1 and H-3 are only two examples of the types of visa
classifications offered.
There aremany more, and we encourage you to visit us at to see what other
options might be appropriate for your needs. If you have
any specific questions, we encourage you to contact us at We are always seeking
ways to innovate and improve our processes to best meet
the needs of India's numerous and well-qualified
Source : American Consulate General, Chennai
EB-5 Green Card Investor Visa
1. What is EB-5 visa program?
It is a special program of the US government for
encouraging investment and job creation in the
United States by foreign investors. For this purpose,
US Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS) approves
selected projects as eligible for investment. The
incentive for investors is the grant of Permanent
Residence in the US.
2. Is the investment guaranteed by the US government?
No. EB-5 investment projects have been approved by
Citizenship & Immigration Services, which is an armof
the US government, for their potential for job
creation. Each project has its own business model and
carries market risks. This is an area where potential
investors can benefit from professional guidance and
3. What is the volume of investment?
Minimum investment ranges from US$500,000 to
US$1million, depending on the location and nature
of the project. At a minimum, investors in India must
be prepared for an outgo of about Rs.3.50 crores,
which includes investment and related expenses, at
the current exchange rates. Of this amount, about
Rs.3.00/3.25 crores will be towards investment and
the rest for related expenses, such as immigration,
legal and tax services in India. It does not include
expenses for relocation and starting life the US, such
as airfare and the cost of setting up a home.
4. Is it necessary to pay the investment amount before
the investor can receive Permanent Residence visa?
Yes, the investor should park the funds in the specified
account before grant of conditional Permanent
Residence visa in the US