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In a below conversation, she shares her views on India’s growth strategy and progressive economic policies.
How did the idea of forming come about?
Genesis for this is 30 years ago when President Reagan formed a commission on industry for productivity.
Competiveness is all about increase productivity and US was concerned at that time about the trade and technology
competition with Japan. Japan was doing unethical trade practices but at the same time they had created much better
benchmark in quality. This was a wake call up for us and it was the private sector initiative.
What are your views on India being envisioned as a manufacturing hub by PMModi, what do you think the challenges
Yes, I totally agree with his statement and India is emerging as a manufacturing hub over the years. I think the
challenges are regulatory environment and also having people and being able to differentiate to serve the Indian
The country needs significant capability and focus on different sectors such as pharmaceuticals needs to become more
IT generated. Everybody has now recognized the competition from Brazil, as they are doing well. China is also doing well
but not in the high end. The question here is if you want to leapfrog as India did earlier in telecom sector and didn’t
waste time in landline infrastructure.
What I want to say is, this Indo- US relationship is absolutely transformational in the 21
century and we have to get
over all the history of post- world war era.
Can you tell us something about the newly formed India Council on Competitiveness?
This council will have two-fold functions, it will be a think tank where there will be important studies and analysis on
what the country needs in order to advance its productivity and prosperity.
Second, it is going to be an action group per se and not a lobbying group. This Council and members are focused on what
is good for overall for this country not just good for any particular sector. So I think it’s tremendously important and
incredible and I hope that major leaders of industries and members because whatever is done at the end of the day, the
CEOs and active members who are coming on board will decide polices and recommendations.
PM Modi recently said USA and India are natural allies, which areas do you think USA and India partnership can
benefit most from?
We are natural allies in terms of our culture to begin with. We are the world’s largest democracies. Democracies are
messy and we have crazy political campaigns, but at the end of the day we elect a leader and country rallies around that
so that’s a tremendous commonality. We don’t have a military war like other countries. I am very excited about the
growing defence collaboration; it’s the right thing to do. There is great potential on the technological side of that and
beyond IT there is tremendous potential in the healthcare area.
What are the key expectations from MOU with India Competitiveness Council?
We are going to be collaborating and partners in areas were both have the potential and assets to contribute. It will be a
totally balanced partnership of equals. We need to understand what the next generation competiveness matrix is. We
will figure out and understand the key growth drivers.
Emerging economy are developing significant innovation capabilities. What lessons might the US apply from other
We have taken out best practices from Brazil; how we can focus on innovation, fabulous demonstration, cost structure,
implementation. What we are learning from the Indian market is how to listen to the consumer better.