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i.e. time saving, security and real-time updates & backup (no IT issues). He dispelled some of the reasons that why to care
about cloud that is fexibility, connectivity, insightfulness and cost effectiveness.
Mr. Vijay Anand, Vice President & MD, Intuit India Development Center addressing the keynote
The event then moved on to the much awaited Panel Discussion, comprising eminent panelists – Mr. Prasad Rajappan,
Founder and Managing Director, Cnergyis; Mr. K Rajinish Menon, Director - ISV & Cloud Strategy, Microsoft; Mr. Nilesh
Gupta, VP– Infrastructure Management Services, Infinite; Mr. Prashanth Shenoy, Head - Delivery, Operations & GNOC,
OnMobile. Mr. Rohan Joshi, Director, Wolken Software Pvt Ltd, moderated this engaging Panel Discussion lasting an hour.
Mr. Rohan Joshi initiated the discussion with the help of a power point presentation on Cloud Market in India. He gave an
understanding to the participants that India is currently representing one of the fastest growing IT markets in the world;
software products market currently is at USD 3.6 bn. With the help of some graphical representation and figures, he said
that IT needs and expectations of Indian enterprises vary significantly with their size and he also made the audience aware
that the Indian government is proactively promoting the use of cloud computing at all levels. With this he concluded his
talk and with a brief introduction of all the panelists, he invited Mr. K Rajinish Menon, Director - ISV & Cloud Strategy,
Microsoft to present his speech.
Mr. Rajinish Menon started his talk with Industry trends driving IT pressures. He informed that there are many new set of
questions based on various aspects that several companies are asking- (1) Cloud scalability- How do I provision and scale
my LOB Apps on demand?; (2) Live data feeds- How do I optimize my fleet based on weather and traffic patterns?; (3)
Social web analytics- What’s the social sentiment for my brand of products?; (4) Mobility- Can I enable my workforce to
work where they want on their device?; (5) Advanced analytics- How do I better predict future outcomes?. Mr. Rajinish
gave 3 reasons to consider cloud computing technology in a company i.e. speed, scale and economics.
He also informed that Cloud innovation presents challenges for IT like- How do I integrate with my existing IT
investments?; What about my heterogeneous, complex IT landscape?; What about security and compliance?; etc. Mr.
Rajinish shared his knowledge on Windows Azure with respect to different features, app services, data services and
infrastructure services. He clearly explained the participants about the Office 365. He mentioned that Office 365 is
complete office in the cloud i.e. Business-class Email, File Sharing, HD Video / Audio Conferencing, Technical Support,
Financially-backed SLA, Simple IT Management, Anywhere Access.
Next Mr. Prasad Rajappan, Founder and Managing Director, Cnergyis gave his views on the theme. Firstly, he mentioned
few key facts about his company, that are Cloud HCM Platform: End-to-end Employee Lifecycle Management; Best
Practices: Vertical-specific Domain Proven Processes built-in; Technology with a Human Touch- Delivered by Partner
Ecosystem; Convergence of Technology Platforms; Pioneered eFiling of Tax Returns (B->B->C) in India; 4,00,000+ employee