Page 54 - IACC Newsletter August-September 2013 Issue 13

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This 90 minutes workshop with a case study and easy-to use solution by Mr. Ramesh Dasary of Improwise included a
complimentary workbook being provided to the participants. The participating business heads also shared their untold
mantra of their success story as their best pitch to the group. They were asked few interesting questions with 4 options to
which they needed to respond in one minute for each.
Members interacting with the speaker
Ramesh Dasary is the Consultant and Founder of Improwise, an endeavour he started, with a view to help the MSME scale
up, through transformational Talent Management initiatives in the organizations, having held leadership roles in large
MNCs for over 20 years.
Mr. Ramesh Dasary being facilitated by Mr. Padmanabhan, Director of Professional Access Resources Consulting Pvt Ltd