Page 5 - IACC Newsletter August-September 2013 Issue 13

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the fear of economic uncertainty that can unleash if the state elections fail to give indication a stable government in the
states that are going to polls now. Undoubtedly, that will also cast its shadows on the coming general elections.
Friends, IACC organized India-US Resurgence Summit in Delhi was a success going by the participation and the tenor of the
high –pitched discussions that triggered at the one-day summit. These were many takeaways from the summit, which was
inaugurated by the Union Minister for Telecommunications and Information Technology, Mr. Kapil Sibal. Also, this month
IACC held several important meeting across the country to galvanize issues and to create newer ideations for growth. The
gist of these is contained in the ensuing pages.
We have reached the fag end of the calendar year -2013. Undoubtedly, the year was dotted with many important
developments-good and bad. The economy has been in a limbo for most part of the year. Every coming year gives an aura
of hope and aspiration. Let us hope the New Year that will unfold in less than a month from now lightens our spirit and a
trailblazer for reaching out to greater things in life. Of course for that, we have to enter into a new trajectory of growth.
Growth parameters should be sound both in quality and quantity. That is important since mere vectors of growth should
not suffice. Growth should be all-round impacting the entire population. Governance should be more focused on inclusive
growth. It is not the responsibility of the government alone to work for that matrix of development. All partners in
progress should come around. Let us pledge the support of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in achieving that
target by ingraining more dynamism and depth in the Indo-US economic partnership.
Chella K Srinivasan
National President, IACC