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Bangalore Branch
Interactive Seminar session on ‘Operational Excellence for Business Excellence’ on November 14, 2013
Indo American Chamber of Commerce organized a successful session on ‘Operational Excellence for Business Excellence’
at the Gemini Hall Fortune, Select J.P. Cosmos, Off Cunningham Road, Bangalore on Thursday, November 14, 2013.
The session was well received and attended by participants of known organizations like, Amphenol Interconnect India
Private Ltd – Sefee Division, Indolex Services Pvt. Ltd, Christ University, KenTree Consultants Private Limited, Maintec
Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Titanium Industries India Pvt. Ltd, Yorke Communications Pvt. Ltd, etc. to name a few.
Mr. Jayanth Murthy, Director, Kaizen Institute India & Middle East addressing the audience
This session was an opportunity for Karnataka’s leading indigenous and multinational companies to listen, learn and
network with some of the leading entrepreneurs & organizations at an intimate private business breakfast. Mr. Prahalad
, CEO, Interpretomics India Pvt Ltd and Vice Chairman of IACC- Karnataka Chapter introduced the
Mr. Jayanth initiated the session with a topic of “Habit”, which can be culture behavior and belief. With a help of a
diagram he explained that business excellence comprises of SE, which is effective and OE which is efficient and a culture of
operational excellence.
He focused and clearly briefed on the two buckets of improvements i.e. addition and deletion. He mentioned that addition
needs financial involvement in an organization where in improvement of operational excellence is driven by deletion. He
also told about the different forms of culture. Culture 1- describes always look for & attack- Muda-Mura-Muri which infers
Waste – Variation – Excess Burden. Culture 2- focuses on Gemba which is Guru, which stands for real place, real people
real data, real situation, real solution and real hurry. Culture 3- OE/ Kaizen/ Lean is about FLOW. Culture 4- Keep waste
out. 12 leadership paradigms for OE/ Kaizen/ Lean are - Long term focus on purpose; Market in (flow / pull); Overall
optimization (reduce waste to make services flow); Standards enable continuous improvement; Make the problem visible;
Stop and fix the problem; People are assets; A leader is a teacher; Go see for yourself at the workplace (Gemba); Why?
Why? Why? Why? Why?; Plan slowly, act quickly; Everybody solves problems. His session also included the OE road map.
The session was full of examples and Mr. Jayanth presented the session in humorous style.