Page 37 - IACC Newsletter August-September 2013 Issue 13

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IACC-EIC celebrated 45
Anniversary of the Chamber on October 24, 2013 in Venue Palladian Lounge, The
Bengal Chamber of Commerce.
Meeting began with the narration of short history and profile of the Chamber by Mr. S.D Mookerjea Regional President.
The East India Council of IACC celebrated 45
Anniversary of the Chamber. Senior members of the Chamber were invited
to the celebration. Dr. Abhijit Sen Past National President spoke about his experience with IACC for the last 2.5 decades.
Mr. Amit Kumar Sen Past National President shared his experience about the Chamber and how it had contributed
towards promotion of his business in the US.
Mr. George Sibley Minister Councilor US Embassy who briefly attended the ceremony re-counted his close ties with the
chamber during his tenure as Consul General of Kolkata, as the present Minister Councilor for Economic Affairs US
Embassy. Mr. Sibley praised the chamber for its effective and meaningful enterprises towards achieving its goal for bi-
lateral trade promotion. The cake was cut to commemorate the occasion.
IACC birthday celebration Cake
Mr. S.D Mookerjea Regional President, IACC cutting the cake.