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North India Council
Interactive Workshop on Global Mobility of Employees: Issues & Challenges
November 15, 2013 at Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon
With the advent of globalisation, there has been a significant cross border movement and especially to and from India.
This has led to a substantial rise in the number of expatriates working in India and Indian employees working abroad.
In order to cover such expatriates within the ambit of the Indian laws, the Indian Government has made considerable
changes in the tax, regulatory, immigration and labour laws. Hence, it is important to understand all such changes and
issues and challenges faced by expatriates working in India.
In order to have a better understanding of the above issues, The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) in
association with KPMG organised an “
Interactive Workshop on Global Mobility of Employees - Issues & Challenges”
Friday, 15
November 2013 at Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon.
The list of panelists included Mr. K.C. Pandey, Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner, Mr. A.K. Gupta, Regional
Provident Fund Commissioner, Mr. Abhay Ranjan, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner and Mr. Abinash Upadhyaya,
Divisional Head - Corporate HR from Apollo Tyres Ltd.
The event was inaugurated by Mr. S.K. Sarkar, Chairman, Finance & Services Committee, IACC, NIC who discussed about
the amendments made in the US Immigration Bill and the importance of understanding the various changes made in the
tax, regulatory, immigration and labour laws and the provisions of the New Companies Act impacting the expatriate
population. The speakers from KPMG gave an insight on the following issues:
Recent updates and issues on provident fund/ social security agreements for international workers
Implications of new Companies Act 2013 on expatriates’ remuneration
Important tax pronouncements by Delhi High Court on non-monetary benefits, overseas social security, hypothetical taxes
and consultants fee impacting expatriates
Immigration issues faced by Indians going abroad and relaxations made by Indian Government for foreign nationals in
All sessions were very insightful and provided valuable knowledge to more than hundred participants. The sessions were
followed by an open house for the audience to get their doubts and issues clarified from the experienced panellists. The
event received an overwhelming response and was a huge success.