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IACC and Battelle India host an Industrial Research Institute (IRI) meeting on Future of R&D on November 14, 2013
at Kiva Terminus, Hinjewadi, Pune
This meeting was hosted by IACC and Battelle India, in conjunction with the Industrial Research Institute (IRI). IRI is a non-
profit organization focused on the effective management of technological innovation, with a membership of 200+
industrial and service companies. This was one of the four satellite meetings of the IRI Future Summit being held around
the world, with sister organizations from Europe (EIRMA) and ANPEI (Brazil), in addition to IRI member companies.
The key objective of this meeting was to seek opinions on how innovation will be conducted in the future. Battelle India
lead a brainstorming session on the topic “Three Roads to Innovation.” A backcasting methodology was used to come up
with scenarios for what we expect to be doing 25 years from now, what should we see and do 20, 15, 10 and 5 years from
now as the future unfolds. Backcasting is a foresights tool that brings longer range scenarios closer to today. Feedback
from visionaries from various organizations was shared with IRI membership on November 18 in San Jose.
The event was attended by well-known dignitaries from various organizations along with Battelle India and IACC staff.
Brainstorming session among some visionaries on Backcasting
Implications of Backcasting in Future of R&D