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Gujarat Branch
Everything you want to know about B1/B2 & F1 on November 26, 2013
Indo- American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) in coordination with the U.S Consulate general of Mumbai harmonized a
programme entitled “Everything you want to know about B1/B2 & F1” presided by Mr. Jesse Walters, Vice Consulate, US
Consulate General Mumbai on 26
November, 2013 at
Sir Sayajirao Nagargruh, Akota, Vadodara.
Ms. Krishna Bhaya Israni- Branch Secretary, IACC, introduced IACC to the audience as this was open for public programme.
She Welcomed and introduced Mr. Jesse Walters - Vice Consul, US Consulate General Mumbai. She said Mr. Walters
worked in Beijing at an NGO promoting legal reform in the country. After returning to the U.S. Mr. Jesse Walters, worked
in New York and attended graduate school at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Mumbai is
his first tour in addition to being his first time traveling to India
Mr. Walters gave idea about the increasing business relations between the two countries require people to travel, work
and study from the USA and it is therefore important to understand the requirements and pre-requisites for these
categories of Visas. During the session, through presentation on B1/B2 & F1 he gave updates on Visa requirements to
obtain visa.
The U.S Consulate General of Mumbai processed approximately 330,000 B1/B2 visas, and 97,000 F1 visa last year. Overall,
700K NIV applications are processed each year in India; the second highest volume in the world. 97% of visas are
processed in one day. The nonimmigrant visas issued in India, approximately 40% are for visitor visas (B1/B2) & 43% are
for Student visa (F1). Visitor visas are issued for widely diverse reasons including: tourism, medical treatment, business,
scientific, educational or professional conferences or conventions, training or consulting with business associates.
Mr. Walters replied to the questions related to B1/B2 & F1 Visa during the interactive session like which are the most
necessary documents one should carry at the time of interview? Which facts should be clear when we go for visa
interview? What is the difference between immigrant & nonimmigrant visa etc. The interaction was very helpful as Mr.
Walters interacted with participants on one to one basis. The program was very well attended by around 300 people
which was represented by various industries, & large number of students. The programme was followed by refreshment.
The event was covered by print media.
Mr. Kirtan Jani- IACC Council member giving vote of thanks