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IACC supported ET ACETECH 2013-2014 on October17-20, 2013 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Economic Times ACETECH 2013-2014, which played the mediator in Mumbai, bringing guests face- to- face with style
guides from around the world.
Professionals from different industries gathered under one roof; from construction, architecture & planning, building &
development to interior design and even Government authorities; to take a fast paced turn into the future at ACETECH
2013. This year it put its guests on a different gear, giving them an opportunity to network, exhibit, exchange, invest in and
appreciate creativity and innovation, spread across a massive gross of space. Covering every aspect of the building
spectrum, 22 segments in total, from latest materials to technologies, construction to building material and architecture,
latest innovations to designs, sustainable building materials to interiors. In flavor, ACETECH was a tradeshow where
participants got to showcase their big guns and even make an explosion in the market.
Inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of State for Housing, Maharashtra, Shri Sachin Ahir ; Mr. Hadi Tehrani, Creative Head of
Hadi Teherani Group, Germany; Mr. Andre Tammes, LDP, Australia; Mr. Ashish Raheja, Raheja Universal; Mr. Rajeev
Piramal, Peninsula Land, India; Mr. Ro Shroff, Callison LLC, USA; Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Hiranandani Group, India; Mr.
Omiros Emmanouilides, O1A, Australia; Mr. Hafeez Contractor, India; Mr. Anuj Puri, Chairman and Country Head of Jones
Lang LaSalle, India; Mr. Bill Dunster, Founder, ZED Factory.
Welcoming over three lakh global trade visitors, high profile investors, government dignitaries and masters in their fields,
the ACETECH grounds were a hub for conferences, exhibitions, forums, mock-up studios, networking, awards and
felicitation and much more across the four days. Entertaining guests and enlightening India on the way forward for design
and development.
The Biggies from the Construction, Architecture and the Engineering world at the ET Acetech 2013. (L-R) Sumit Gandhi, Anuj Puri, Bill
Dunster, Andre Tammes, Rajeev Piramal, Minister Shri Sachin Ahir, Ro Shroff, Omrios, Hadi Tehrani, Niranjan Hiranandani, Hafeez
Contractor, Ashish Raheja