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Intel looks to modernize PDS retailing in Gujarat
Company to bring initiatives like biometric transactions
Information technology solutions provider, Intel is looking to modernize retail outlets under public distribution system
(PDS) in Gujarat. The company is eyeing to replicate its Karnataka's next-generation point of sale scale system project in
Intel has set its eyes on modernizing retailing through PDS mechanism by combining three functions of weighing scale,
point-of-sale and biometric, which would also supports the local language. "We have observed that many states in India
including Gujarat are putting their efforts to use technology to improve the public distribution system. There are also
directions from Central Government to guide these efforts. We expect the PDS system in the country to see some good
changes in near future," said S Natarajan, country business manager – Embedded Markets, South Asia-Intel.
The company looks to bring automation, which would improves efficiency of the PDS supply chain and enables
transparency in the overall process. This is believed to bring down malpractices and eliminate irregularities.
Food is one of the three fundamental needs of society, and the Karnataka project demonstrates how technology can
help the cause of the common man. It can serve as an example for other States in the country. We would like to discuss
in detail on how technology can help PDS in Gujarat. "Computerization of PDS in the state can help eliminate bogus or
duplicate cards, minimize exclusion or inclusion errors and diversion or leakages, capture transactions accurately and
maintain updated records," said Natarajan.
"It can improve efficiency of logistics in the storage and movement of food grain. Computerization will bring
accountability at all levels and transparency across the supply and delivery chain," he said. At the time the Supreme
Court issued its directive, there were 16,557 Fair Price Shops in Gujarat spread across 26 districts.
"Technology and solutions are scalable, as we have demonstrated in the Karnataka, where we are working through our
ecosystem on a project with the Government to computerize more than 20,000 Fair Price Shops," added Natarajan.
The company is willing for a state support for the project. "Given the opportunity, we’ll be happy to work with the
Governments of different states on projects where we can better the life of the common man by means of our
technology," he said.
Citi Expands Express Wire Asia Program with India Desk
Citi Expands Express Wire Asia Program with India Desk
Citi has expanded its Express Wire for Asia capabilities, with a dedicated India Desk. Citi, one of the premier providers of
cross-border payments, announced today that it is further extending its US Dollar Express Wire for Asia services by
launching Express Wire India Desk.
Citi’s Express Wire for Asia Service helps streamline the execution of US Dollar payments by sending transactions to the
beneficiary bank in Asia expediently. If a payment order requires repair, Citi’s experienced operations professionals are
available to correct formatting errors on a timely basis. Express Wire also provides additional liquidity to banks that need
to process their payments within Asia morning business hours, as well as direct linkages into local US Dollar Clearing
Citi launched a dedicated China Desk to expedite Asian payments in 2010. Given expanding trade relationships between
India and the rest of the world, the need for more effective payment solutions into India has increased. Complex
banking systems and infrastructures can be challenging for counterparties who are seeking to do business in new and
unfamiliar markets. Citi’s new Express Wire India Desk provides local expertise and improved access, to help expedite
payments into India.
“Citi has an unparalleled global network. We are able to harness the local knowledge and expertise found with
colleagues who operate in more than 100 countries around the world and bring that value to our clients with programs