Page 12 - IACC Newsletter November 2012 Issue no. 7

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Dr. Kanodia receiving a memento from Mr. Naushad Panjwani, Committee Member, IACC-WIC & Executive Director, Knight Frank
India on behalf of IACC.
IACC hosted the 3
Commemorative Dinner in celebration of 4 years of civil nuclear co-operation between the United
States of America & India at the US Consulate (BKC), Mumbai on October 11, 2012.
(L-R) Mr. Anand Trivedi, Regional Director, IACC-WIC; Dr. L.S. Kanodia, Former Regional President, IACC- WIC; Dr. S.K. Bannerjee,
Former Chairman - Atomic Energy Commission of India & the Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy - DAE and Mr. Donald
Hoffman, Vice President, American Nuclear Society.