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West India Council
The session was opened by Mr. Nanik Rupani, Regional President, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), West
India Council, the chief host for the evening. He welcomed the US Ambassador Nancy J Powell and the esteemed
members from IACC, Namaste America and Indo-American Society. The session started by Mr. Rupani throwing light on
the strengthening relations between the US and India and he also mentioned that “We want the larger democracies to
have more understanding in various key areas”.
On behalf of the three organizers, Mr. Rupani presented a memento of appreciation to Ambassador Powell. Mr. Atul
Nishar, President, Namaste America and Mr. Dilip Dalal, President, Indo-American Society presented bouquets to
Ambassador Powell and Mr. Peter Haas, Consul General, US Consulate General, Mumbai respectively. Mr. Rupani then
requested Mr. Atul Nishar to introduce Ambassador Powell to the guests.
Everyone present appreciated and applauded after knowing that the Ambassador, prior to joining the State Department,
has served as a high school social studies teacher, has studied French, Nepali, Hindi, and Urdu. She is the recipient of the
Homeland Security Service to America Medal for 2006 for Avian Influenza preparations, and the U.S. State Department
Arnold L. Raphel Award for 2003. She was also the U.S. Ambassador to Nepal from August 2007 to August 2009.
The evening proceeded with the much awaited remarks by Ambassador Powell. Ms. Powell firstly acknowledged and
thanked everyone present there and the three organizations for hosting this joint program to enable her to address,
meet and hear a broader cross-section of Indo-US Audience in Mumbai and for their interest in U.S.-India friendship. The
program was special to her as this week is her one year anniversary of being back to India
She stated that the bilateral relations between India and US is much broader and deeper than when she had observed in
1995 .The depth of that understanding and that friendship, both of which have expanded enormously since 1995. She
talked about the major joint initiatives that the US and Indian Government are working together on, first of which is
enhancing what is already a stronger bilateral relations, second is child survival. She declared that both the countries
together with the Ethiopian ministry has asked for all of the countries of the world to work on child survival to ensure
that every single child in the world has a very good chance to make it to age five.
Third are was that of security. Both the countries (US & India) have been the targets of terrorism. Both the countries
have experienced the pain caused by terrorism. She said that we need to work together in order to curb terrorism both
globally and locally.
India also faces some enormous restraints, particularly in terms of infrastructure. She added that U.S. collaboration with
India in areas like defense, energy, climate change, financial services, and infrastructure will benefit India’s economy and
further advance India’s ability to play a more important role in the South Asian region and around the globe.
Ambassador Powell after voicing the concerns and achievements, emphasized on the value of working together. She
said ‘….. So there are plenty of opportunities, despite some of the challenges’.
She acknowledged that the U.S.-India relationship from commercial ties to defense exercise and our growing education
partnerships has never been stronger. Washington and New Delhi together serve as catalysts for growth and for
She closed her remarks by thanking everyone present and wishing them all success in their endeavors.
Mr. Dilip Dalal proposed a vote of thanks and appreciated the insights given by the Ambassador Powell and her
extremely positive views.