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When asked whether Indians needed to make efforts to popularize their films in the US, Spielberg said it should be done
by his country.
"You don't need to do anything. We need to do it. Social networking has shrunk the world. Countries have come closer
and they are not so different now. We can share each other's culture and ideas," he said.
"I have propagated the case (of Indian films in the US) and it is one of the fringe benefits of this great relationship we
have with Reliance Entertainment. One of our goals is to build this cultural bridge between India and the US," he said. –
US consulate woos Bollywood
After the business community in India, the US consulate now plans to woo has out to woo Indian travellers with its plans
to reach out to Bollywood and production houses. The consulate is working to invite them to US to shoot for films. The
provision for group visas has already boosted the number of Indian travelers to the US. Locales and invite them to US
locales to shoot for films for their film shootings. It has already reached out to the business community facilitating entry
with its provision for group visas.
It is innovations like Group visas which have boosted the number of Indian travelers to the United States. There has
been an 8% percent jump in the visas issued by the consulate this year as compared to the last.
"We have tripled windows, streamlined waiting systems and introduced an interview waiver programme to save on
time," said Consul General Peter Haas. The Consulate receives over 1,000 visa applications each day. Manoj Gursahani,
vice-president of the US India Investors Forum, said that they have sensed a change in the welcoming ways of the US
Consular Team India It is in recognition of its innovative outreach services that the Consular Team India has been
shortlisted among the top 25 programmes in Harvard University's Innovations in American Government Award
India Is Ready for U.S. Natural Gas
There is ample evidence that the U.S. economy will benefit if LNG exports are increased.
The relationship between India and the United States is vibrant and growing. Near its heart is the subject of energy—
how to use and secure it in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.
The India-U.S. Energy Dialogue, established in 2005, has allowed our two countries to engage on many issues. Yet as
India's energy needs continue to rise and the U.S. looks to expand the marketplace for its vast cache of energy
resources, our partnership stands to be strengthened even further.