Page 52 - IACC Newsletter March 2013 Issue no. 9

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In the News:
MIT looks at boosting research ties with India
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is keen on developing collaborations with Indian institutes to further the
research being undertaken in India, said Rafael Reif, President, MIT.
Reif, who was addressing the Assocham-Rai Foundation Talk, said the institute believed in developing partnerships that
would be mutually beneficial and make both parties stronger. However, he added that MIT was not looking at starting a
campus in India.
“There are important global challenges that MIT wants to work on,” Reif said, adding that the institute was identifying
institutions in India to collaborate with. He said MIT was open to working with public establishments as well as private
Science and Technology Minister S. Jaipal Reddy also proposed an exchange of scientists and research scholars between
India and MIT and extend it to industrial research, especially in the area of biotechnology.
He said strengthening collaboration with MIT would help shore up research capabilities in both countries. “It is
important for us to note that original research in India is still almost completely funded by the Government. We have
real talent in these Government-funded laboratories,” Reddy said.
India MARS Mission promising for NASA-ISRO collaboration
Sunita Williams recently revived hopes on collaboration between National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in space exploration missions.
On her visit to Kolkata at the invitation of National Council of Science Museums, the Indian-American astronaut said that
she would not only meet with students, but would like to show them the opportunities in space research and missions.
“People (scientists) from NASA and ISRO are talking together. I see that progressing,” Williams told reporters when
asked about the two organisations’ plans to cooperate on Moon and Mars missions in future. India’s Mars Mission,
which is scheduled to be launched in November this year, might be promising for the space research organizations to
work together.
Need to build cultural bridge between India, US: Spielberg
US film director says Americans need to be more aware of Indian cinema and he is keen to build the cultural bridge
between the two countries. "I am not as aware of Indian cinema as I should be sitting here. We don't have great access
to Indian films in America," Spielberg told Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan during a meeting with the country's top 60
directors here. Spielberg is in India to celebrate the success of the movie 'Lincoln' which was co-produced by Reliance
Entertainment, the flagship motion picture arm of India's Reliance Group.
The multiple Oscar-winning US film producer said Indian films and cinema from around the world did not make it to
American television screens due to commercial reasons.