Page 5 - IACC Newsletter March 2013 Issue no. 9

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bilateral and multilateral discussions on the future of gold, to discern the pros and cons of future prices and to take
corrective measures.
The Union Commerce Minister has recently announced the supplement to the foreign trade policy 2009-14, which
contained some redeeming features, such as relaxation in the case of SEZs, such as pruning down the minimum land
requirement of the SEZs, relaxation in the stipulation of minimum built up area, exempting IT SEZs from the purview of
minimum land area and transfer and sale of SEZs. These were designed to give a boost to the sagging exports from the
country. I feel these relaxed conditions should accelerate the flow of FDI into the country in the SEZs. US companies can
participate in the SEZ sector, particularly in the IT segment.
Shourya Mandal
National President, IACC