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United Arab Emirates' import program is expected to more than double. By 2015 imports are forecast to total $3.1 billion,
up from a total of $1.4 billion. American companies accounted for half of all defense exports to the region.
South Korea is set to break into the top 10 global national military exporters for the first time in the next 18 months and is
forecast to overtake China by 2015. It exported $600 million of equipment this year but by 2015 it will be exporting $1.5
billion a year in defense equipment and will supplant some of the large Western companies in the process, IHS Jane's said.
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Education among main pillars of US-India ties, says US envoy
Education is one of the main pillars of bilateral relations between the United States and India, American Ambassador
Nancy Powell said recently. "It is to our mutual benefit that our countries work together and one of the areas of great
importance is education. Education is the great equaliser and the key to helping our young women achieve their goals,"
Powell told students at the Modern High School for Girls.
She said that for these and many other reasons, education has become one of the main pillars in the bilateral partnership
between India and the United States. At present there are around 100,000 Indian students studying in the US where
Indians represent one of the top two nationalities among its international students.
"However, only 30 per cent of the Indian students going to the US to study are women. It is of paramount importance to
me that we increase this number and see more women taking advantage of the opportunity to receive an international
education," Powell said. Stating that they are stepping up efforts to increase the number of young women studying in the
US, the Ambassador urged the girl students to consider studying in America as it will be an experience that will benefit
them, the US-India relationship and the future.
"The United States believes gender equality is critical to our shared goals of prosperity, stability, peace, and that investing
in women and girls worldwide is critical to advancing our shared interests and the US bilateral relationship," she said.
Powell said education is close to her heart because of her background as a teacher and because of its tremendous role in
elevating people out of poverty and providing women and girls a chance to succeed.
"The issue of gender equality is important to all of us because reports show direct linkages between women's engagement
in the economy, politics, and society of a country and that country's status across a range of social indicators," she said.
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10 Indian-Americans in race for 2014 elections in US
As many as 10 Indian-Americans have already announced their decision to enter the race for elected public offices, including the
House of Representatives.
Even as the 2014 general elections in the US are still more than eight months away, as many as 10 Indian-Americans have
already announced their decision to enter the race for elected public offices, including the House of Representatives.
Ami Bera
, the only Indian-American Congressman and the third ever, is seeking re-election from the 7th Congressional
District of California. Another Indian-American Kamala Harris too announced her decision to seek re-election for Attorney
General of California.
Neel Kashkari
has entered the fray for the top post of Governor of California. If elected, he would be the third
ever Indian-American Governor after
Bobby Jindal
of Lousiana and
Nikki Haley
of South Carolina.
However, all eyes are expected to be on the 17
Congressional District of California from where
Ro Khanna
, the former
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the Obama Administration, has thrown up a serious challenge to his own party
colleague Mike Honda.