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A Colloquium on “Forex Risk Management” on February 04, 2014 at Bangalore
Volatility of exchange rates affects value of a company’s operating cash flows, income statement and its competitive
position. The impact is all the more pronounced for organizations that have significant exposure to global trade. This has
led to a requirement of a broad based, active and liquid FX derivative market to provide a basket of hedging instruments
for effective management of FX exposures.
Keeping these points in view, Indo American Chamber of Commerce in association with National Stock Exchange organized
a successful session on Forex Risk Management at the Gemini Hall Fortune, Select J.P. Cosmos, Off Cunningham Road,
Bangalore on February 04, 2014.
Mr. Rabindra Srikantan, MD of ASM Technologies Ltd and Chairman of IACC Karnataka Chapter introduced and welcomed
the speaker from National Stock Exchange, Ms. Deepa Aggarwal, Head Corporates, Financial Institutions' Group.
Ms. Deepa Aggarwal, Head Corporates, Financial Institutions' Group addressing the participants
Ms. Deepa Aggarwal started her session with a brief note on current currency volatility & hedging at the Exchange. The
session also focused on exchange traded currency futures & options. Ms. Deepa informed the crowd about derivative, key
instruments in Foreign Exchange Markets- like Spot, Outright forwards and OTC Currency Options. The session also
included different classifications of Currency Options. The presentation also differentiated between currency futures and
currency options on various aspects like Margin, Pay off Profile, Currency Available, Mark To Market. The session covered
the various key points under NSE Bond Futures II and its uses. Ms. Deepa also elaborated on the NSE Hedging Process.