Page 72 - IACC Newsletter March-April 2014 Issue 03

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Dr. Mabel Vasnaik, Consultant and Head, Adult Emergency Department of Manipal Hospital and Mr. Rajesh Trivedi of
ALERT shared their insights on CPR and Lifesaving skills. Dr. Mabel and volunteers from Manipal Hospital and ALERT
demonstrated the process of CPR with a help of few mannequins.
Mr. Rajaram Rajkumar, Director of TE Connectivity Global Shared Services Pvt. Ltd and National Executive Council
member- IACC welcomed the audience and introduced the speakers.
Dr. Mabel Vasnaik of Manipal Hospital Addressing her Session
The event provided a good opportunity to the participants to get introduced to the international concepts in emergency
care. A demo of the ambulance equipment was given by qualified experts.
ALERT and Manipal teams are giving demonstrations on CPR process and Ambulance equipment’s
As part of the grand finale, all the participants took pledge of saving a life at home, in the work place, or on the road. They
also pledged to support people who help others in an emergency and will get trained in first aid and act in need.