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Outsourcing sectors. The presentation was divided into two main sessions. The first session covered discussion of the
creation of a subsidiary in the United States, including- Types of legal entity; Process for incorporation; Tax considerations
and Liability of Directors and Officers.
The second session of the presentation focused on identifying the pitfalls of acquisitions of middle market privately-owned
companies, with a particular focus on the Technology and Outsourcing sector, which also gave some insights on
Frequently encountered due diligence issues; Main issues in negotiating with Sellers; Earn-out negotiations; Working
capital disputes and Indemnification issues.
IACC Secretariat with the speakers
The event was a dynamic forum where the speakers were very open to hear the concerns and questions of the audience
and answering to their each question.
The session brought together the IACC members to meet and get informative inputs from the National Stock Exchange.
The positive feedback from speaker and attendees gave a proof to the real success of the event. The event’s strategic
agenda was designed to maximize the efficiency and offer unique insight into present and future challenges in investing
and doing business in the US.
Mr. N.L. Rathod, CEO of Turning Point Consultancy Services, delivered vote of thanks and presented bouquets to the
Being a weekday, the numbers were impressive. Knowledge sharing can never be enough! So were our attendees.
Knowledge hungry!
Workshop on CPR and Life Saving Skills held on February 21, 2014.
IACC - Karnataka Branch organized a successful workshop on CPR and Life Saving Skills on February 21, 2014 at Matthan
Hotel, Bangalore. The workshop was attended by 150+ CXO participants from leading companies and hospitals from all
over Karnataka.
There were two great names in CPR and First Aid, Manipal Hospitals and ALERT (a NGO that trains common man on saving
a life!) who came together to conduct a sensitization workshop on the evening of the 21
of February. This workshop
created awareness about life saving skills and emergency medical care.