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South India Council
Tamil Nadu Branch
Breakfast Meeting series - ‘LISTEN TO THE LEADER’ on April 10, 2014
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce conducted its Breakfast Meeting series - ‘LISTEN TO THE LEADER’ on April 10, 2014.
CA. T.N. Manoharan, Past President of ICAI and Padmashree Awardee was the guest speaker. Mr. Manoharan shared with
the audience his experiences towards revival of Satyam and the lessons learnt from it.
The speaker elaborated the basic facts in Satyam case, various factors that contributed to the fall of the company and the
action taken. Finally he recapitulated with few moral lessons the corporate world should follow to avoid any fall back. In
the lively and entertaining talk, Mr. Manoharan traced on various steps the government appointed board took and how
the 4-6 months was very challenging.
Senior representatives from different sectors attended the meeting and actively participated in the Q&A session. To list a
few, representatives from Cameo Corporate Services Ltd, L&T (IES), Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants (I) Pvt Ltd,
Babcock Borsig Softech Pvt Ltd, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Tuscana Kryptos Pvt. Ltd, Vishwak Solutions Ltd, etc.
participated in the discussion.
Members engrossed during the Breakfast meeting
Members interacting with the Guest Speaker Mr. T.N.Manoharan,
Past President of ICAI and Padmashree Awardee.
Mr. C. Suresh Reddy, Chairman, IACC- TN presenting a memento to Guest speaker Mr.T.N.Manoharan. Also seen Mr.A.Sekhar, Vice-
Chairman, IACC -TN.