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Philip Kotler to set up Kotler Centre of Excellence in India
Centre will conduct research on issues and opportunities at the bottom of pyramid
In a first, marketing guru Philip Kotler, professor of international marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at
Northwestern University, will establish Kotler Centre of Excellence in India at JRE School of Management in Noida.
Kotler Centre of Excellence (KCoE) will conduct research on issues and opportunities at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ (BoP) –
as defined by CK Prahlad.
“The Kotler Centre of Excellence is being created with the aim of creating knowledge resources which will benefit India’s
marketing scenario and the management ecosystem as a whole. This will be the first Kotler Centre of Excellence in India,"
said professor Stephen Rawlinson, Academic President, JRE Group of Institutions.
JRE School of Management is a joint venture between Educomp Solutions Ltd and Raffles Education Corporation Ltd.
KCoE will look into the BoP concept and study how this group can generate more income and thus more consumption. The
Centre would also have a social incubator component which would develop projects and resources for people who are at
risk of social exclusion because of their socio-economic backgrounds, lower income and lower education.
"Kellogg School of Management is known for marketing and JRE School of Management aims to emerge as number one
marketing management institute in India. This partnership with Philip Kotler in creating the Kotler Centre of Excellence at
JRE is an expression of our commitment to positioning JRE as the leading academic institution in South Asia,” said Harpreet
Singh, President, JRE Group of Institutions.
The KCoE will also design and offer management development programmes and certification/diploma courses for corporate
executives. These courses will be developed with the active participation of renowned professors from across the world
along with Indian professors and marketing practitioners. The centre will conduct collaborative programmes in marketing
which will be delivered by international professors.
“We will develop linkages with other Kotler Centres of Excellence across the world and benchmark best practices in the
Indian marketing milieu. Also, we will explore opening more KCoE Centres across the country in the near future”, Singh
The centre will also look at marketing videos and films on-line to deliver the content, making the learning material available
to students at a lower cost.
NRI education pioneer, Dr. Sugata Mitra, wins $ 1 million TED Prize
Sometimes, a hole-in-the-wall is all you need to get a deep insight into education and -- attain worldwide recognition.
When Prof. Sugata Mitra installed a computer in a slum in Kalkaji, Delhi, in 1999 in what came to be known as a "hole-in-the-
wall" experiment; it led to a fundamental reappraisal on his part of the formal education system. Surreptitious monitoring of
what followed showed the power of what he would later call ''Minimally Invasive Education.''