Page 6 - IACC Newsletter March 2013 Issue no. 9

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airports and helipads will be set up. Also, many small airports will be upgraded. There will tremendous
opportunities for US companies to be involved in this regard.
Understandably, benefits of these developments are evenly poised for both countries. While the US can supply
aircrafts, India can leverage that situation by availing the benefits under the offset clause. This enables India to
import high-end technologies and equipment. There is also an increasing demand for dovetailing the benefits
under the scheme to help the small and medium scale enterprises in India. Also, the US corporations can
empower the SME sector in India to manufacture spare parts for the aviation sector and source their
requirements from India. Boeing already has set up a pilot project in Hyderabad and more such centers can come
up India.
We at IACC are doing our best to encourage trade and investment in the aviation and aerospace industry by virtue
of our involvement with ACP, organizing various events focused on this sector and working with the government
at various levels.
Shourya Mandal
National President, IACC