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manufacturer of formal shirts. Mr. Manish explained the students regarding the company’s vision and mission by presenting
few slides. The students were informed that most of the employees were women villagers. Then the students were escorted
to the several steps in the manufacturing process of shirts, which incorporated the 21 days training program of the
employees. Mr. Manish clearly explained the process of export of the products. The enthusiastic students concluded their
visit of the day with the purchase of shirts from the company.
Mr. Manish Sinha, Head of Laguna Clothing Plant, explaining the students about the industry’s operations
On January 04, 2013, the students started their exciting industrial visit with ASM Technologies Ltd, which is based out in
Wellington Accord, Richmond Road. ASM Technologies Ltd is an IT Services organization and a pioneer in providing world
Class Consulting Services in Business Systems, Engineering Services, IT Infrastructure Services and Technology Solutions. Mr.
Kumar, Sr. Manager Business Development at ASM Technologies Ltd welcomed the students and introduced the company to
them supporting with a power point presentation. The students were clearly explained about the different services that the
company provides and then they visited in all the departments of the company. The program was followed by lunch.
Students with Mr. Kumar, Sr. Manager Business Development of ASM Technologies Ltd
After visiting ASM Technologies Inc, the students visited to Datascribe Technologies, an industry providing specialized
services in the areas of Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Legal Process Outsourcing and Information Technology
Enabled Services (ITES) in US, UK and Canada, situated in Madhava Nagar. Mr. Jay Shetty, AGM Business Development at
Datascribe Technologies attended the gathering. Mr. Shetty described about the Medical Transcription, Medical Billing and
Legal Process Outsourcing services to the students.