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Mr. Iyer stated that, entrepreneurs who start a business must persevere and see it through, for if they deviate from one line
of business to another, they will never be able to succeed. When things become difficult, that is the precise moment when
we must not give up and persist in our endeavor because for all we may know, success might be right around the corner.
The moral of this particular story is- “Stick to your rabbit”
Mr. Iyer then mentioned the three principals which we must incorporate into our lives in order to make winning a habit.
Those are as follows:
We must be passionate about the work that we do, because one can never excel without loving what you do. Then came
hunger which emphasized on the fact that we must be ambitious and possess the “hunger” to achieve our goals. Last was
discipline which stressed on the fact that we must be persistent and consistent with our efforts and only then will we
achieve that which we desire.
Being an ardent cricket fan Mr. Iyer shared an excellent example of discipline and determination which came from the deeds
of the none other than the “Master Blaster” – Sachin Tendulkar. This was something that Mr. Navjot Singh Siddhu had
mentioned in the past. Sachin had just started playing on the national team and as he stepped out to bat, he was hit straight
in the nose with the first delivery of the over. Everyone rushed to see if he was alright as the coach and his team mates
urged him to call it off and return to the dressing room. Mr. Siddhu asked Sachin if he wanted to quit and then Sachin looked
up at Navjot Singh Siddhu and said “Mein Khelega”- I will play! Mr. Iyer said that we must possess this kind of grit and
determination if we are to truly succeed.
Mr. Iyer then concluded his speech and urged the guests to participate in the discussion and debate further on the subject.
The guests were had a great deal of queries and many of them even shared their own experiences which were relevant to
the topic of discussion.
One particular instance was recounted by one of the guests, who reminisced about how he bumped into Mr. J.R.D. Tata in
an elevator as a youth. Mr. Tata was heading to his office on the 4
floor while our guest was on his way to the second floor.
The lift attendant recognized Mr. Tata and took the elevator to the 4
floor first. Mr. Tata objected, stating the there was
another person here before him who was to get off on the 2
floor. He then made the lift attendant go back down to the 2
floor and waited patiently as he did so. Only then did Mr. Tata make his way back to the 4
floor. This example highlighted
the importance of humility and how each of us must remain humble even in the face of success.
One of the guests also mentioned that “ego” has not been mentioned anywhere in the days discussion. Mr. Iyer
acknowledged the point and stated that there is a difference between pride and ego. Pride is a positive attribute that may
be experienced when you have achieved something, while ego is akin to arrogance which is a negative trait. We must never
be arrogant, as it will inevitably lead to our own downfall.
The discussion then concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. L.S. Kanodia who gave Mr. Iyer a memento on behalf of IACC.
Dr. Kanodia then shared some of his thoughts with the guests and thanked Mr. Iyer for a truly informative and thought
provoking session.