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Indian-American felicitated for strengthening Indo-US ties
An eminent Indian-American has been felicitated by top American lawmakers for his contribution to strengthening Indo-
US ties. A K Mago, the chairman of a Dallas-based business and investment consulting company, was felicitated at an
event organised by the US India Chamber of Commerce in Dallas.
“If it weren’t for A K Mago, I would have not had the occasion to visit India,” top Republican Senator John Cornyn.
Cornyn, who is co-Chair of the Senate Indian Caucus, and co-founded it with then Senator Hillary Clinton attributed the
formation of this only country-specific Caucus to Mago. “AK more than anybody I know, has nourished and encouraged
people like me and acknowledge the contribution that the Indian American community has made in the United States,”
he said. Praising the contribution of Mago in India-US ties, Congressman Pete Sessions said he played a key role in Texan
understanding the people from this part of the world. “There are days and nights when AK would travel and talk and be
proud of the country that he knows and loves well,” he said.
The Indian Ambassador to the US, S Jaishankar, in a video message said, “He is a success story in the United States, a
wonderful example of equality of opportunity that this society symbolises.”
Mago is a recipient of the Padmashri Award.
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Indian Drug Companies to Counter MNC Pharma Lobby in US
India First Group assists US cos pursuing business opportunities in India, and supports Indian cos
After a series of regulatory setbacks and loss of business in the past few years, the Indian pharmaceutical companies
have decided to take on the mighty multinational drug lobby in the US. The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA), a
grouping of leading Indian generic drug makers, has roped in India First Group LLC, a strategic advisory firm based in
Washington, to counter negative advocacy campaigns against India's generic manufacturers. India First Group is tasked
to mobilize the ‘Coalition for Affordable Care’, a grouping of like-minded constituents in the US who support access to
low cost, high quality generic medicines.
The initiative will be led by former US-India Business Council president, Ron Somers. India First Group assists US
companies pursuing business opportunities in India, and supports Indian companies investing in the United States. “The
time has come to let the truth be known on Capitol Hill, in the halls of government, and across America, that Indian and
US manufacturers of generic drugs are producing high quality medicines at a fraction of the price of branded
pharmaceuticals”, said Ron Somers.
“The IPA is perhaps the first association, after NASSCOM, to engage with a Washington based group to take on the big
and mighty pharma lobby”, said DG Shah, secretary general of Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA). Following the
Ranbaxy units ban by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for poor quality standards and similar actions against
about five Indian companies, active campaigns are going in the US, raising concerns on quality of generic drugs especially
from India.