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"The plain fact remains that the United States and India must work together to develop healthcare delivery models that
provide access — not only for our own populations but for all humanity — r else peace and stability will be compromised
worldwide. “It is in our shared interest to be working together on healthcare; the United States and India must partner
in this noble effort," said Somers, former president of the US-India Business Council.
India First Group's mission will be to mobilize like-minded constituents who support access to low-cost, high quality
alternatives to what has become a cocktail of unaffordable branded medicines, the media note said. Because of the
excessive, high price of these medicines, treatment for most of the world's population is now beyond the reach of even
the common man, it said. "With more and more American 'Baby-Boomers' requiring access to lower cost, high quality
medical treatments and medicines, they join most of the world's population — some five billion people — finding
themselves unable to afford even basic care," Somers said.
"The time has come to let the truth be known on Capitol Hill, in the halls of government, and across America, that Indian
and U.S. manufacturers of generic drugs are producing high quality medicines at a fraction of the price of branded
pharmaceuticals," he asserted.
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US looking at 'reinvigorating' India-US relationship: Rhodes
Deputy NSA says as Modi pursues his economic policies, Obama Administration will try figure out how two countries can work
more closely together
The US is excited about the prospect of "reinvigorating" the Indo-US ties under the new Indian Government and is
looking forward to a meeting between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a top White House
official has said.
"Economy and trade, energy and climate change, regional security, counter-terrorism and Asia Pacific region are
expected to be the focus areas when Obama meets Modi, this would also be an opportunity for the two leaders to
establish personal equations for the years to come," Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said recently. The
White House is eagerly looking at "reinvigorating" India-US relationship, the top Obama aide said, adding that no date
has been set yet for the Modi-Obama meeting.
"We are very excited about the prospect of giving new shot of energy in the US-India relationship. Having a strong Prime
Minister, who is new to office, has ambitions, I think would be helpful," Rhodes said. "The first impression is that they
(Modi Government) come in (to power) with a lot of energy, with a substantial mandate and with a lot of ambition. We
(Obama Administration) were impressed by the (election) campaign of Prime Minister Modi".
"And he was not shy about expressing an ambitious view what he wants his government to do," Deputy National
Security Advisor said. "He (Modi) was clearly in his conversation with the (US) President, and his conversation publicly
that the primary focus of his is going to be revitalizing the Indian economy, which is good for us".
"We very much support the efforts that can be taken domestically within India to promote growth, because that would
definitely benefit the United States," the top presidential aide told reporters. "So we see an opportunity. Whenever you
have a new leader coming up with that kind of mandate, it opens up space for greater co-operation, because new items
can come on the agenda, or things that have got put aside because of the election season, we can take up again,"
Rhodes said.
As Modi pursues his economic policies, the Obama Administration will try figure out how the two countries can work
more closely together, he said. Modi is expected to meet Obama in September. "Whenever you have a new leader, part
of it is forging a personal relationship, part of it is also hearing about what their program is". "So I think, President
Obama would want to hear about policies and reforms that Prime Minister Modi is pursuing in India," he said.
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