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Ryan Pereira, senior education US adviser from USIEF, said they are flooded with queries from students about different
universities in the US. "All details can be found on Students want to know if the universities are credited
or recognized and about the 10 best universities in the US." Haas is only happy with the increasing number of Indian
students opting for US as their study destination. "We love it when foreign students come to the US as we think we have
the world's best education system for undergraduate and graduate students. Some benefits of the US education system
include cutting-edge technology, extensive support services for international students, generous funding opportunities,
flexible curricula, and hands-on training programmes," he said.
An M Tech graduate in industrial engineering and operations from Powai agrees. She is going to purse her Ph.D in
computer science from IOWA State University in the US as she believes American universities have advance research
US universities in demand
Arizona State University
The University of Texas at Dallas
Columbia University
American University
The University of Texas at Arlington
North Carolina State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Southern California
Carnegie Mellon University
Northeastern University
Texas A&M University
Syracuse University
University of Florida
Georgia Institute of Technology
Rutgers the state University of New Jersey
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Harvard University
70% increase in number of Indian students taking GRE
78% students opt for courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
1,002 students applied for US visa on Wednesday
231 number of destination educational institutions
73 Us universities represented by consulate alumni
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More Indian Students Studying In U.S. Help Bilateral Ties
With more and more Indian students opting for the United States as their study destination, Americans diplomats today
said this not only helps the students in their personality development but also aids in fostering ties between the two
"We are happy that students have opted for America as their destination for foreign education. While studying in
America, you will get an opportunity to give new dimensions to your personality. All sports activities are available there
and one can even play ice hockey.