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three years... are now fighting a two front war, both from Assad and from ISIS. These are brave people and we have
abandoned them and not assisted them when we could have won that conflict. So please if anybody is telling you that
Free Syrian army is part of ISIS, they are lying to you because it is not true, I know them and I have met them when I
have been in Syria. So you should not make allegations, or ask me a question about something that is absolutely false.
Smita Sharma
So you deny all these allegations. One final question.
: I don't shouldn't be asking this question because whoever told you this is false. I don't waste my
time responding to false allegations, where you question me with misinformation.
Smita Sharma
One final question. As you talk about aerial strikes in Iraq, does that also not lead to collateral damage?
There are Indians who have been abducted in Mosul, there are nurses who are holed up in Tikrit. Couldn't they be used as
human shields... in a face of a possible attack?
: ISIS is moving from one place to another in large convoys in many vehicles... they could be taken out while they
are moving from one place to another. What is happening now is that the lives of more Indians are at risk right now
because to our failure to respond to ISIS and so we have the responsibility for more citizens of India going in the harm’s
way is because we have failed to act.
Smita Sharma
Finally sir, do u see any Indian origin candidate coming up for next round of election in America as
republican candidate, anytime soon.
: No...I think elections coming up in 2014 will be very interesting and I am optimistic that my party will do well.
Smita Sharma:
Thank you so much... We wish you all the best and thank you so much for sparing time to talk to Network
: Thank you...You asked very tough questions. Congratulations...
Smita Sharma
Thank you so much. Humbled.
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40% increase in US visas to Indian students as they chase American dream again
The number of Indian students applying for visas for higher studies in the US has shot up exponentially. While 90,000
students went to the US in 2012-13, the figure shot up to 1, 13,000 in 2013-14, a jump of 26%. US consul general Peter D
Haas told media
that there has been a 40% increase in the number of visas issued to Indian students compared to last
year. The demand can be gauged from the fact that 1,002 students came to apply for US visas at the US Consulate, BKC,
on the occasion of Students Visa Day.
"I wish to pursue my masters in civil engineering at the IOWA State University," said Irvin Pinto, a student from Goa, who
came to Mumbai to collect his visa. Sion resident Isha Gada said: "I did my civil engineering and am now going to the US
for a 15-month engineering management course in an Ivy League college. Nowadays, companies are looking for not only
engineers but also for candidates with managerial skills. That is the reason I opted for this course."
According to advisors at the United States Indian Education Foundation (USIEF), there is a massive demand for computer
science and engineering courses in the US. Business management and MBA courses are next. The US consulate said
Indian students comprise the second-largest foreign-national students in the 9,000 certified schools in the US.
"We asked students to fill a form which revealed that computer science and engineering courses have the highest
demand. At number two, are business management and MBA courses," said Himanshu Dev, USIEF's education advisor
for US.