Page 26 - IACC Newsletter March-April 2014 Issue 03

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Mr. Umapathy stated that facilities like power supply, water and skilled man power are required for the industrial
growth in the region. Mr. Sanjay predicted that small cities would have more industries in next 15 years, as the number
of entrepreneurs there is increasing. The panelists explained what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur despite being
based in tier- II cities. “We should create opportunities wherever we are based without thinking too much about lack of
facilities. Mr. Sanjay Bichu said the lack of good road and air connectivity as well as infrastructure is to be blamed for
the growth of large –scale industries in the region. “The government is placing less focus on the region even though
talents and skills are available here. The event saw a lot of interaction from the audience, who were quite keen to know
the various challenges and benefits in the manufacturing business. Very dynamic Q&A session between delegates and
speaker/panel members took place.
Mr. PN Sudarshan, Former Chairman of IACC Karnataka Branch; Mr. V Srinivasan, Former Chairman of IACC Karnataka
Branch; Mr. Rabindra Srikantan, Chairman- IACC; Mr. Prahalad Achutharao, Vice Chairman- IACC; Mr. Munirathnam,
Branch Committee Member; Mr. Santosh Huralikoppi, Branch Committee Member and Mr. Vasanth Kini, National
Executive Council Member of IACC presented bouquets and mementoes to the speakers and panelists.
Many industrialists as well as officers from commerce and industries departments participated like Karnataka Chamber
of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) President Vasanth Ladawa. The event was sponsored by Siemens Industry Software
(India) Pvt. Ltd. and TATA Teleservices; Associate Partners were TiE Hubli and SAE Bangalore Section and was supported
by Samarthanam Trust. The event provided a good opportunity for the IACC members to meet and get informative
inputs from the speakers. The event was extremely well attended by all –large, SME and MSME companies. The guests
enjoyed every bit of the event and one could visibly see its effect through the networking and discussions that were
happening during hi-tea and beyond.
Prior to the manufacturing event, IACC committee members also visited Aequs SEZ in Belgaum, Karnataka. The 250-acre
Aequs SEZ, the country’s first precision engineering special economic zone, is an integrated aerospace manufacturing
ecosystem that houses several interrelated capabilities that are either unavailable in India or difficult to come by.
IACC Committee Members & Secretariat at Aequs SEZ, Belgaum
Mr. Rabindra Srikantan, Chairman, IACC- Karnataka said, “Aerospace and defence manufacturing and service industry
has come of age in India. IACC formed an Aerospace and Defence forum in 2011 and we have been actively encouraging
Indo- US collaboration to further growth in this sector. Several US aerospace majors are looking towards India. There is a
growing base for manufacturing several aircraft components such as aircraft doors, landing gears, window glass and
cables from India.