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Session on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment: Innovative Training Methodology” – Friday, June 13, 2014
Indo American Chamber of Commerce- Women’s Business Council organized a session on “Innovative Training
Methodology” on Friday, June 13, 2014 at CGI, Bengaluru. Speakers of the session, Ms. Nimi Ravindran and Ms. Shiva
from Sandbox Collective, with help of few examples and role plays explained the participants on different cases of sexual
harassment, focused on its various types and analyzed diverse aspects of Sexual harassment at workplace.
Ms. Shiva from Sandbox Collective delivering the session
The in-acted way of explanation of the speakers helped the participants to understand and be aware of how to deal in
under different circumstances of sexual harassment.
The session was very interactive, knowledgeable and informative. Based on the feedback from the participants, event
was successful. The participants gained information about how to handle sexual harassment complaints and maintain a
positive work environment. A great way to prevent sexual harassment is to make every employee in each organization
go through sexual harassment training. IACC organized this training program to educate the participants in order to keep
a workplace safe.
Participants at the session