Page 9 - IACC Newsletter June 2013 Issue 11

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A favorable innovation ecosystem - Taking those products and services and being first to the marketplace
through world-class entrepreneurialism.
The government has a crucial role in play a part in that growth in the following ways. The Government can provide
some of the resources that are required to bring together all of the players and move our SMEs up the value chain.
One of the important things that we need to do is work on the research and technology development so that we’re
developing the products and capabilities for the next generation of aircraft. Government needs to provide incentives to
attract those companies to do R&D in India rather than doing it elsewhere.
World-class manufacturing demands world-class talent. Our workforce must be proficient in science, technology,
engineering and mathematics (STEM) and must possess the skills that manufacturers seek and again, the Government
has to play a role in skill development.
Other countries are moving forward in developing their own defense and aerospace manufacturing industries. Brazil,
China and Russia are racing to develop new aircrafts to project their power internationally and continue to grow their
economy through exports. It is critical that manufacturers in India not stand on the sidelines while other countries seek
to establish their lead in aerospace manufacturing.