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From the Secretary General’s Desk
Dear Members,
In his recent visit to India, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the essence of Indo-US partnership lies beyond the
relationship of the two governments and relates to how the two countries employ their biggest strengths, i.e. the
scientists, entrepreneurs, students and citizens, to build strong foundations and jointly address the challenges facing the
world today. According to him, the main issues of focus for bilateral collaboration and strategic partnership between the
two countries should be the ‘future of *our+ economies’, ‘future of security’ and ‘global climate change’.
To read Secretary Kerry’s address visit:
Looking at some of the key bilateral trade indicators, as per the United States Census Bureau (U.S. Department of
Commerce) the figures for U.S. Trade in goods with India for the months of January 2013 to April 2013 are 6821.2 million
USD in exports and 13737.9 million USD in imports.
As reported by the Embassy of India based in Washington D.C., India’s merchandise exports to the U.S. grew by 7% from
$ 12.84 billion during the period January- April 2012 to $ 13.74 billion during the period January- April 2013. US exports
of merchandise to India grew by 4.36% from $ 6.54 billion during the period January- April 2012 to $ 6.82 billion during
the period January- April 2013. India - U.S. bilateral merchandise trade stands at $ 20.56 billion during this period.
Some of the major items of export from India to the U.S. in the period of January 2013 – April 2013 were textiles
(16.9%), precious stones and metals (20.9%), pharmaceutical products (11.1%), organic chemicals (5.7%), mineral fuel,
oil (8.9%), machinery (4.5%), lac, gum, resins (3.7%) and iron & steel products (3.3%).
Some of the major items of export from the U.S. to India in the first two months of 2013 were precious stones and
metals (28.1%), machinery (12.6%), electrical machinery (7%), optical equipment and instruments (6.2%), mineral fuel,
oil, etc. (5.9%), aircraft, spacecraft, parts (5.2%), organic chemicals (4.3%), miscellaneous chemical products (3.8%).
Keeping in view the Government to Government and industry and trade interactions, our Chamber is gearing up for
some of our biggest Events for 2012-2013; including the 9th Indo American Corporate Excellence Awards in Mumbai, the
9th Indo US Economic Summit in New Delhi on September 30th and October 1st, 2013 and the US Foreign Commercial
Services (FCS) Awards in Chennai. A complete list of our upcoming Events across regions can be found in this issue of the
Further, I am pleased to inform you that this year IACC will host its 44
Annual General Meeting for all its Members and
partner organizations. We will also publish the 44th Edition of our Annual Report that will detail our Chamber’s activities