Page 5 - IACC Newsletter June 2013 Issue 11

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more relaxations in the case of FDI in telecom, insurance, banking and the like. The emerging political landscape in the
country, one can hope, will help in translating these wish lists into tangible and achievable realms.
I am happy to mention here that the IACC was credited with a role in the recently concluded strategic dialogue. Our
organization was an observer at the aviation dialogue as a partner of the Indo-US Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP).
(We service the ACP) The US administration has taken the decision to further firm up the cooperation in this vital sector.
We also will discuss the important points that have emerged at the strategic dialogue at the forthcoming Indo-US
economic Summit-our flagship event- to be held in New Delhi on September 30-October 01, 2013. We expect a large
participation of the Indian and the US companies at this important conclave, which will bring together policy makers,
businessmen, experts etc. from both countries. I also request you to block your diary and to get in touch with the
secretariat at the earliest.
Shourya Mandal
National President, IACC