Page 25 - IACC Newsletter June 2013 Issue 11

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Convention Centre and an International Cardiac Pathology Museum.
The Pre-clinical testing facility will cater to the testing needs of
various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Medical device,
Agrochemical and Chemical industries. The laboratory facilities
include State- of- the-art- animal breeding facility, Animal testing
rooms – laboratory animals & canine, Inhalation exposure facility,
Analytical and wet chemistry laboratory, Clinical chemistry
laboratory, Genetic toxicology laboratory, Ecotoxicology laboratory,
Small animal surgery suite, Large animal surgery suite, Mechanical
testing and Microbiology. They are looking for reputed agencies for
the supply of quality instruments for their above mentioned
A leading Indian Business House, which has been manufacturing and
exporting Popadoms [Ready to Eat lentil snacks] to UK and Australia
for over 30 years, is looking for an Alliance to launch this snack in the
This All Natural, Gluten Free, Protein rich tasty snack is
manufactured with the highest quality certifications and is being
sold under all leading Brands and Supermarket labels in UK.
The product is FDA approved and market sampling in the US was
well received with strong consumer desire for the product.
The US Associate should be willing to launch the product in its own
Brand and also to fry, pack and distribute.
The product is a great fit for any Snack Brand and a natural extension
for a Potato chip Brand as it shares similar infrastructure to process.
The Association can extend to explore newer markets across the
Pacific and offers investment opportunities into India which is just
ripe for the RTE Popadom
Ms. Sujatha Ravishanker
Branch Secretary, IACC