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Awareness Programme on the Commodity Market, on May 28, 2013 at Bengal Club, Kolkata
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce organized a programme on `Awareness Programme on the Commodity Market’
on Tuesday 28
May 2013, at 6.15pm at the Bengal Club, Kolkata in association with MCX, who are India’s largest
commodity exchange.
During the last few years, the Indian economy has been growing at a very fast pace across various sectors. The stock
market and commodity markets have been steadily reflecting this huge economic growth. Now commodities are being
traded across the country by physical market stakeholders, investors, and traders and corporate.
In view of this, the programme was held to reflect the exploring and developing of the commodities market in this part
of the country. Further, along with the various aspects of commodity`s future market, the discussion included hedging
and it's benefit to the corporate sector. Mr. Vibhor Tandon, Regional Head of Eastern India, from MCX gave a very
informative presentation on the benefits of trading in commodities on the Commodity Exchange. Mr Kapil Kaul, Past
Regional President, gave an enlightening address on this subject. The event was meaningful, learning experience and
was successful in meeting its objective. The members and Special Invitees requested IACC to repeat events of this nature
for their benefit.
Mr. S.D Mookerjea, Regional President, EIC; Mr. Vibhor Tandon, Regional Head MCX, (Eastern Region); Mr. Kapil Kaul, Past Regional
President, IACC-EIC
Mr. Vibhor Tandon; Mr. S.D Mookerjea; Mr. Kapil Kaul; Mr. Shourya Mandal, National President, IACC