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USDA pegs India's coffee output at 3.18 lakh tons in 2012-13
India's coffee output is expected to rise marginally by 2 per cent to 5.3 million bags (3.18 lakh tons) in the current crop
year on the back of high Robusta production from Karnataka, a USDA report said.
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in its latest report on coffee pegged the global production to hit a
record for the third consecutive year at 151 million bags (60 kg each) in 2012-13 crop years (October-September).
"India's production is forecast to raise 100,000 bags to a record 5.3 million on higher Robusta output. Growers in
Karnataka, the largest coffee producing state, are anticipating a record Robusta harvest due to increased area and
yield," USDA said.
According to the government-run Coffee Board of India, the output of the brew is expected to rise by about 4 per cent
to 3.25 lakh tons in 2012-13 crop year from 3.14 lakh tons in 2011-12 crop year.
International Coffee Organization (ICO), the global body on the brew has pegged coffee production in India -- the world's
sixth biggest producer -- to rise by 4 per cent to 5.4 million bags (3.24 lakh tons) from 5.2 million bags in the period
under review.
The US agency on farm sector was buoyant on the global production prospects for coffee. "World coffee production for
2012-13 is forecast at a record 151 million bags, up almost 7 million from the previous year, marking the third
consecutive year of rising output," USDA said.
The world had produced 144 million bags in 2011-12 crop year and 141 million bags in 2010-11 crop year, it said. Brazil is
pegged to account for nearly all the gain as its Arabica crop enters the on-year of the biennial production cycle, while
Indonesia's higher output is offset by Vietnam's lower output. Colombia is forecast down slightly from last year to its
lowest level in four decades, USDA said.
ICO has pegged the global production of the brew to rise by 8 per cent to 146 million bags in the current crop year from
134.6 million ags in the year-ago period.
Obama should visit India again: US think tank
President Barack Obama works on his "big part of my plans" for India in his second term, an influential US think tank has
made four concrete proposals to advance their shared priorities, including pitching for a second presidential visit to
There is a growing consensus in Washington and New Delhi that the most fruitful areas to deepen the US-India
partnership reside in economic and trade relations, security and defense ties, and collaboration on regional challenges,
according to the Centre for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS).
With this in mind, it has proposed the establishment of a detailed "New Framework for US-India Economic
Cooperation;" the launching of a US-India Job Creation and Skills Building initiative; the signing of a memorandum of
understanding (MOU) on defense coproduction; and the pursuit of a six-power regional initiative for Afghanistan. In a
piece entitled, "Obama's Second Term: 'India is a big part of my plans,'" Karl F. Inderfurth, Wadhwani Chair in US-India
Policy Studies at CSIS, has suggested that one other part of Obama's second term "plans" should be a second visit to
I would be "an opportunity to build on his successful visit of November 2010 and to mark a historic first in US-India
relations: the first time an American president has travelled to India twice while in office," he wrote in the January issue
of US-India Insight, a CSIS newsletter.